Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Discovery!

Hello all! Thanks so much for the new followers, I really appreciate it! Anyways, while listening to some show tunes on Pandora Radio I saw an add for a channel on Pandora... It was for work out music channels. At first, I was like ewww it's going to be a whole lot of pop music crap. So I ignored it. A few days later, I was on the way to the gym and I was thinking about how the music on my iPod was getting old and boring. Then and there, I thought "Oh! I can listen to Pandora." I didn't think of the work out music there, I was thinking about listening to my favorite channels which include: Cats, Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Sublime and Jack White. Just as I was clicking a channel I was like hmmm... "Maybe I'll just try the workout music.." And so I did! To my surprise they had different genres of workout music!

When I saw the Alternative Work Out station I almost screamed with joy! I turned it on and it was just a great surprise! I loved it so much and the music was so upbeat and perfect for a workout! The music can be listened to and enjoyed even if you aren't working out. For example, I am listening to it now! They have a station of workout music for every one's taste! Even country music!

To listen to Pandora Radio you can click:  Pandora and it will take you to the site! Also, for on the go tunes you can download the free Pandora app on your smartphones!

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