Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter my friends! He has risen!!! I hope everyone is having a great Easter whether it is filled with tasteful treats, coins or a Church service! Today for me I went to church, then a lovely brunch at Fats. After that, I came home and had a little Easter egg hunt. I couldn't find two of my eggs, sad! One of them had five dollars in it and it's somewhere chilling in my backyard. Special. Shortly following that, we searched for our Easter basket's.

I wanted to show you all my outfit because it is new from my New York trip!

Pardon the Mirror Pic :)

Shirt: Forever 21 $12.90

Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 $19.80

Cami (under the shirt and this wasn't new): BP $12

Sandals/Wedges: DSW Price ??? (I've had them for a long time)

Bracelets: Stole those from one of my sisters

Maltipoo: A breeder ;)

If you were wondering about my sister's outfit she purchased it all at BP Nordstrom. It is a pink cardigan with a maxi dress. Not sure the prices sorry guys!

Tell me what kind of posts you all enjoy! I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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Adios Holly

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hey guys! I am so sorry I have totally abandoned you! I have just been in a little funk again, but hey it happens! Also, I was on vacation in New York so I could not blog!

In New York I saw two Broadway shows and one off Broadway show! Let me tell you they were all AMAZING!!

Let us begin with the best Godspell. Words can not describe this but here it goes! A little background knowledge, I am in a little theater group for a local church that puts on a play once a year and the cast is filled with junior/senior high students. The first year it was created I was in 6th grade so I have been a part of it till now. Before is was only kindergarten to 8th grade but I honestly believe God changed it for me so I could find these wonderful friends. Anyway back to Godspell, I was in Godspell when I was in 8th grade. The experience changed my life and I met this one person and he may not know it but he changed my life completely. I know that sounds cheesy but I don't think anyone would understand. So anyways, being in that play was one of the few times in life I've felt genuinely happy. When I heard it was on Broadway I really wanted to see it and my parents gave me this trip for Christmas so that was a nice surprise. After waiting so long, the day came! I saw Godspell on Broadway! Let me tell you the great memories streamed through my mind leaving that same real smile on my face. :) Seeing the characters and hearing the songs that truly made my relationship with God what it is today left me with tears of joy. Maybe it was the play, maybe it was the people who were in the play with me but that play molded me into the person I am today. Back to the Broadway play sorry guys, this just is emotional for me... haha. Let's just say Hunter Parrish... Yummy and an 1 inch away from me. Amen! (rumor is he is gay though darn!) Also, I got to high five various cast members including Lindsey Mendez! The play was so high energy and so touching I couldn't have asked for more! Every member of the cast poured out their hearts and soul into every part of the play. Also, the play was interactive so they talked with the audience which is something you rarely see in theater. Basically, that play brought back so many wondrous memories!!!! Love Godspell

                                                           Me with the Poster!

                                                        Circle and the Square Theatre

                                                 Me in Godspell!!

Next play was Off Broadway Rent! Don't let the off Broadwayness fool you, it was quite amazing!!! Ever since the eigthth grade I have enjoyed multiple tunes from this production. I also, indulged myself with the movie and YouTube videos of performances of Rent. I understand this play is a little scandalous but hey, long live! I didn't feel comfortable seeing this play with my mom and was a bit sketched out when I realized we were going together but after the play started I just kind of forgot she was there and enjoyed the performance. The performance of phenomenal!! Even though some of the characters didn't match what they were supposed to look like I still loved it! Some of the "swings" aka chorus were weird, but good for them for fulfilling their dreams! I was disappointed when neither Roger nor Mark were attractive but Gordon made up for it! The guy who played Gordon was also in the chorus so I saw him a lot!! My favorite song was probably... hmm so hard to choose! Rent for sure the first song was the best! Over all, loved Rent!

                                                        This looked ominous

Next stop Jesus Christ Superstar!!Man, this play "brings life changes... more profound than LSD" -Person on itunes. This play will change your relationship with God even if you don't believe in him. JCS is amazing from start to finish it is filled with rock music that triggers so many emotions. Also, you experience how much Jesus loves us and his people when he forgives Judas for his betrayal. Jesus knew Judas would suffer if he (Jesus) didn't die and also he knew future of the world would suffer. Jesus could've escaped but no he died on the cross for you and me. The play, will touch you and leave you thinking. Probably, the part that will stick with you the most will be when Judas hangs himself and when Jesus dies on the cross. I seriously cried at both deaths! Judas' death scared the crap out of me! 1. because the hanging looked so real 2. because he looked identical to my really good friend!!! 3. because suicide is so serious to me. Jesus' death just brought a lot of emotions to me because it showed me how important my relationship with him and God is. Sorry if this offended you, I don't mean to shove my beliefs down your throat. These are just what the play made me feel. This play was great and I can't wait to be in it in September! I think I am going to play a male role again... Joy... Eh, it's not that bad.

                                                                   me and JCS Poster

Monday, March 12, 2012

Good day my friends! I would like to share to you guys that I make YouTube videos. I used to make videos back in 2011 but I deleted that YouTube account do to person reasons, but no need to fear I am back!

January 2012 I made my book channel: Buddyhollybooks

In my free time I enjoy to watch YouTube videos, specifically beauty guru videos. So I decided I would make an account to go with this blog. Geekgurutaketwo

I would love if you guys would check out my videos thanks!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Discovery!

Hello all! Thanks so much for the new followers, I really appreciate it! Anyways, while listening to some show tunes on Pandora Radio I saw an add for a channel on Pandora... It was for work out music channels. At first, I was like ewww it's going to be a whole lot of pop music crap. So I ignored it. A few days later, I was on the way to the gym and I was thinking about how the music on my iPod was getting old and boring. Then and there, I thought "Oh! I can listen to Pandora." I didn't think of the work out music there, I was thinking about listening to my favorite channels which include: Cats, Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Sublime and Jack White. Just as I was clicking a channel I was like hmmm... "Maybe I'll just try the workout music.." And so I did! To my surprise they had different genres of workout music!

When I saw the Alternative Work Out station I almost screamed with joy! I turned it on and it was just a great surprise! I loved it so much and the music was so upbeat and perfect for a workout! The music can be listened to and enjoyed even if you aren't working out. For example, I am listening to it now! They have a station of workout music for every one's taste! Even country music!

To listen to Pandora Radio you can click:  Pandora and it will take you to the site! Also, for on the go tunes you can download the free Pandora app on your smartphones!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Say No to Sweats!

You live one life, so why waste it in oversized sweatpants? An epidemic I have seen sweeping our nation for years now is the sloppy sweatpants style. People claim they want to be warm or want to be comfortable and worse cases they claim they are too lazy. All of those excuses should not be tolerated! Is it really that hard to slip on a pair of jeans? Is is really that uncomfortable wearing soft leggings with a dress, skirt or long tee? Truth is... (no this isn't some lame Facebook status) no, no it is not hard at all and everyone should take a step into looking there best. You never know when you may get discovered. I am not saying that just because you wear sweatpants every so often that you are a sinner, I am just saying if you wear sweatpants every week you are in the need of a wake up call!

So Ugly!

I am not saying never wear sweatpants because there is a time and place for them. Acceptable times to sport sweatpants are working out at the gym, weekends, lounging at home, or quick arronds.

Rachel Bilson at the Grocery store, semi accpetable

                                      Miley Cyrus on a way to a workout, OK.

Hopefully I am not being too rude! I am just stating my personal opinion. As an alternative to sweat pants one may enjoy leggings with a long shirt or a skirt or a dress. (mentioned earlier)

Girl on the left is wearing leggings and a semi long shirt a perfect alternative to sweats! (haha isn't she so cute... that is me)

Here is an example of jeans! Jeans aren't the best but a whole lot better than sweatpants!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you all are having a better day than I had... haha Anyways, adios backaroos.

Photo Credit: Google Images ,, and Natalie's Facebook

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warning This Is Quite Negative...

Hello. When I created this second blog I was really gung-ho and peppy about making it an everyday or every other day hobby... Obviously it did not turn out that way. Like most things in life, I lost interest. Eventhough, currently at 1:24 pm I am not into it I will try to carry on. Enough with my complaning.

What to write about? What to write about? I could write about the television show Skins which was taken off the United States television networks because it was too innapropritate. Or I could write about how it has been taking me three weeks to read this stupid John Green book that was supposed to be amazing but actually sucks... Another topic I could be talking about is how I miss my friends (specifically one, maybe two) from Joseph. Or on how much I hate high school and teenagers. (Hypocritical, I know) See there are vaious things lingering in the chambers of my brain but none are of a positive manner. Well, maybe Skins because I thoroughly enjoy that show but that is it.

Wow... ^ that was totally not what I had in mind writing. Look at all that firey negativity all bundled up. You'd think I was Tybalt or worse Lord Voldemort. Rest assured, I am not... Or at least I'd like to think I am not. Well, I think I should wrap up this little rant of a blog post before things get too out of hand... I apologize this was quite the unique post.

                 Ten Four Good Buddies,


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello, fellow earthlings! It is me Holly here aka the Geek Guru. My old blog, It's the Geek Guru is no longer accessible to me because I forgot the login information. So sad! It is still up and you can view old posts but I can no longer post on that account. If you would like to reads those posts and see what kind of things I blog about here is the link 

Well, let us not dwell on the negative! I am back and planning to stick with blogging this time... No promises because I go through unique phases where I love things then a week later I get bored. Which, brings me to the topic of this blog. I plan on making this about my current obsession ranging from clothing to novels to television. I am 100% open to suggestions and anything anyone is interested in reading. I honestly know probably no one is ever going to read this... But hey, long live!

I feel as if I shall give a little background knowledge about myself. I am 15 years old and obviously a female. I have little to none interests which is extremely unhealthy. I am mainly an introvert but I do like to let loose every so often... Watch out! Quick go hide in a cave! Back to my lovely self... I do though happen to enjoy theatre, mainly of the musical kind. Even though I have a horrendous voice... eeeek! I also love spending quality time with my dog, a maltipoo.

My dog and I