Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter my friends! He has risen!!! I hope everyone is having a great Easter whether it is filled with tasteful treats, coins or a Church service! Today for me I went to church, then a lovely brunch at Fats. After that, I came home and had a little Easter egg hunt. I couldn't find two of my eggs, sad! One of them had five dollars in it and it's somewhere chilling in my backyard. Special. Shortly following that, we searched for our Easter basket's.

I wanted to show you all my outfit because it is new from my New York trip!

Pardon the Mirror Pic :)

Shirt: Forever 21 $12.90

Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 $19.80

Cami (under the shirt and this wasn't new): BP $12

Sandals/Wedges: DSW Price ??? (I've had them for a long time)

Bracelets: Stole those from one of my sisters

Maltipoo: A breeder ;)

If you were wondering about my sister's outfit she purchased it all at BP Nordstrom. It is a pink cardigan with a maxi dress. Not sure the prices sorry guys!

Tell me what kind of posts you all enjoy! I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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Adios Holly

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