Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hey guys! I am so sorry I have totally abandoned you! I have just been in a little funk again, but hey it happens! Also, I was on vacation in New York so I could not blog!

In New York I saw two Broadway shows and one off Broadway show! Let me tell you they were all AMAZING!!

Let us begin with the best Godspell. Words can not describe this but here it goes! A little background knowledge, I am in a little theater group for a local church that puts on a play once a year and the cast is filled with junior/senior high students. The first year it was created I was in 6th grade so I have been a part of it till now. Before is was only kindergarten to 8th grade but I honestly believe God changed it for me so I could find these wonderful friends. Anyway back to Godspell, I was in Godspell when I was in 8th grade. The experience changed my life and I met this one person and he may not know it but he changed my life completely. I know that sounds cheesy but I don't think anyone would understand. So anyways, being in that play was one of the few times in life I've felt genuinely happy. When I heard it was on Broadway I really wanted to see it and my parents gave me this trip for Christmas so that was a nice surprise. After waiting so long, the day came! I saw Godspell on Broadway! Let me tell you the great memories streamed through my mind leaving that same real smile on my face. :) Seeing the characters and hearing the songs that truly made my relationship with God what it is today left me with tears of joy. Maybe it was the play, maybe it was the people who were in the play with me but that play molded me into the person I am today. Back to the Broadway play sorry guys, this just is emotional for me... haha. Let's just say Hunter Parrish... Yummy and an 1 inch away from me. Amen! (rumor is he is gay though darn!) Also, I got to high five various cast members including Lindsey Mendez! The play was so high energy and so touching I couldn't have asked for more! Every member of the cast poured out their hearts and soul into every part of the play. Also, the play was interactive so they talked with the audience which is something you rarely see in theater. Basically, that play brought back so many wondrous memories!!!! Love Godspell

                                                           Me with the Poster!

                                                        Circle and the Square Theatre

                                                 Me in Godspell!!

Next play was Off Broadway Rent! Don't let the off Broadwayness fool you, it was quite amazing!!! Ever since the eigthth grade I have enjoyed multiple tunes from this production. I also, indulged myself with the movie and YouTube videos of performances of Rent. I understand this play is a little scandalous but hey, long live! I didn't feel comfortable seeing this play with my mom and was a bit sketched out when I realized we were going together but after the play started I just kind of forgot she was there and enjoyed the performance. The performance of phenomenal!! Even though some of the characters didn't match what they were supposed to look like I still loved it! Some of the "swings" aka chorus were weird, but good for them for fulfilling their dreams! I was disappointed when neither Roger nor Mark were attractive but Gordon made up for it! The guy who played Gordon was also in the chorus so I saw him a lot!! My favorite song was probably... hmm so hard to choose! Rent for sure the first song was the best! Over all, loved Rent!

                                                        This looked ominous

Next stop Jesus Christ Superstar!!Man, this play "brings life changes... more profound than LSD" -Person on itunes. This play will change your relationship with God even if you don't believe in him. JCS is amazing from start to finish it is filled with rock music that triggers so many emotions. Also, you experience how much Jesus loves us and his people when he forgives Judas for his betrayal. Jesus knew Judas would suffer if he (Jesus) didn't die and also he knew future of the world would suffer. Jesus could've escaped but no he died on the cross for you and me. The play, will touch you and leave you thinking. Probably, the part that will stick with you the most will be when Judas hangs himself and when Jesus dies on the cross. I seriously cried at both deaths! Judas' death scared the crap out of me! 1. because the hanging looked so real 2. because he looked identical to my really good friend!!! 3. because suicide is so serious to me. Jesus' death just brought a lot of emotions to me because it showed me how important my relationship with him and God is. Sorry if this offended you, I don't mean to shove my beliefs down your throat. These are just what the play made me feel. This play was great and I can't wait to be in it in September! I think I am going to play a male role again... Joy... Eh, it's not that bad.

                                                                   me and JCS Poster


  1. I love this! Can't wait to see you in JCS :) You and Dylan are too cute!
    ps, Lucy looks extra cute in that Easter picture
    love Baili

    1. Awwww haha thanks! Ya... you probably are the only one who would pick up who I was talking about! :) I was going to put a certain picture of Godspell but resisted! And lucy thanks you!