Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warning This Is Quite Negative...

Hello. When I created this second blog I was really gung-ho and peppy about making it an everyday or every other day hobby... Obviously it did not turn out that way. Like most things in life, I lost interest. Eventhough, currently at 1:24 pm I am not into it I will try to carry on. Enough with my complaning.

What to write about? What to write about? I could write about the television show Skins which was taken off the United States television networks because it was too innapropritate. Or I could write about how it has been taking me three weeks to read this stupid John Green book that was supposed to be amazing but actually sucks... Another topic I could be talking about is how I miss my friends (specifically one, maybe two) from Joseph. Or on how much I hate high school and teenagers. (Hypocritical, I know) See there are vaious things lingering in the chambers of my brain but none are of a positive manner. Well, maybe Skins because I thoroughly enjoy that show but that is it.

Wow... ^ that was totally not what I had in mind writing. Look at all that firey negativity all bundled up. You'd think I was Tybalt or worse Lord Voldemort. Rest assured, I am not... Or at least I'd like to think I am not. Well, I think I should wrap up this little rant of a blog post before things get too out of hand... I apologize this was quite the unique post.

                 Ten Four Good Buddies,


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